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Introducing Mr. Ryusuke Ito

Meet Mr. Ryusuke Ito, who has held the position of Chief Executive Officer at SHIFT ASIA, a prominent company specializing in software test automation services, since 2019. His journey with SHIFT began in 2017 when he joined SHIFT Inc. With over two decades of extensive experience in the ever-evolving realms of technology and information technology, Mr. Ito’s career boasts a diverse range of roles:

He embarked on his professional odyssey with a reputable system integrator firm, dedicating the initial 14 years of his career to roles such as Systems Engineer and Project Manager. During this time, he skillfully managed projects catering to government and public office clients.

Mr. Ryusuke Ito

Mr. Ryusuke Ito

Later in his career, he embraced assignments in the China and Indonesia branches, thereby expanding his expertise in managing multinational enterprises and gaining invaluable insights into the intricacies of launching new ventures in foreign markets.

Drawing upon this wealth of experience, Mr. Ito made a pivotal move by joining SHIFT Inc. in 2017. Over the ensuing years, he assumed pivotal strategic roles encompassing human resources, business partnerships, and the development of new areas. At present, he stands at the helm of SHIFT ASIA, a subsidiary company situated in Vietnam, spearheading efforts to expand business operations across the broader APAC region.

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